Programs Claims

The State Agency, Food and Nutrition Services (AESAN) establishes the following procedure for handling claims received from any of the programs administered by the Agency:

  1. All personnel working for the AESAN and the sponsors of the Child Nutrition Programs of “USDA” have a duty to attend and channel all claims related to food services.
  2. Any person or their representative can make a claim.
  3. The claimant will be notified of the confidentiality of your claim.
  4. All written or verbal claims will be referred not later than 10 days after receiving it. Emphasis is placed on the use of the claim form to obtain the necessary information. The signature of the claimant is not required to process the claim.
  5. Verbal claimant will be handled like any written claim.
  6. The person receiving the claim will be responsible for completing and signing the official form, if the claimant refuses to do so.
  7. Anonymous Claims will be handled like any other claim, according to available information.
  8. The claimant and the defendant sponsor will be instructed to resolve the situation as soon as possible.
  9. The AESAN notify the claimant about the status of your claim and request, if necessary, additional information.
  10. The AESAN ask the sponsor to investigate the claim. Depending on the nature of it, AESAN conduct a parallel investigation.
  11. The sponsor shall notify to the AESAN the outcome of the investigation on or before 15 days.
  12. After the investigation, the AESAN notify the result the claimant and defendant.

Indicate which of the program(s)listed below is the nature of your claim:

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